Maui Resorts on the Beach

There are a few options for Maui Resorts on the beach, but not all are worth the price. Below are three highlighted options with pros and cons to help you choose before your next trip to Maui.

Wailea Beach Marriot Resort

Grand Wailea is one of the most popular places to stay on Maui and it is a great place for kids as well as those who want to get away for a little desire. Locate on one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii, this resort is only approx. 20 minutes from the airport. Napua Towers especially offers a world away from others, but it is also ideal for both couples and families with children. Food is expensive on Maui, there are refrigerators available, so stock up on a few basics to save some money. There are also plenty of activities nearby, so in addition to being a beautiful place to relax, you will not be bored with the options available. This hotel is centrally locate close to many activities and is ideal for both couples and people with children.

Maui Resorts on the Beach

Maui Resorts on the Beach

Lahaina Shores Beach Resort

Please note that not all rooms are alike – some, for example, room 422 are not recommend unless the hammock has been replace with a real bed. However, the general perception of this complex is that it is in a great location. On the outskirts of Lahaina, it is close to a port city with several restaurants, bars and galleries. A quick 2-block walk takes you into town as well as being locate on a beachfront property. The water is shallow and boats can be seen in the nearby marina. See whales in the whale season, December to mid-April, and enjoy the relaxing pool, hot tub and barbecue. This property is immaculate with no defects. The only negatives are that there is no restaurant or bar on site, but there are many nearby. There is also no gym on site. Overall, this resort is a favorite with tourists.

Kaanapali Beach Club

Most travelers find this a great place to stay, but it is recommend that you choose one of the upper floors. Recent renovations may have change this, but in the past, taller rooms had better rooms and better views. Since this property was own by Embassy Suites, it became better manage and much more attractive. Travelers have now found that the service is inferior and that free wireless is at best taint. A major advantage of this resort, however, is that it is right on the beach, a beautiful beach, and that it is often a rare find, and it is often worth the other headaches. Rooms on the higher floor have spacious units, and recently the rooms have upgrade sofa beds with warm pedic mattresses. Note, however, that some travelers experience a last-minute cancellation due to “unknown maintenance issues”.

Maui Resorts on the Beach

The three Maui seaside resorts highlight above have pros and cons that you will find anywhere you want to stay. Wailea Beach Marriot Resort is one of the most recommend places to stay and offers excellent accommodation for families with children and couples trying to relax. Lahaina Shores is mostly consider high-end, although not all rooms offer the same and there are no restaurants or fitness center on site. Kaanapali Beach Club, of these three, is only recommend at least because the ownership has change hands and it is harder to know what to expect. Prices may be higher for less service, but that does not mean the location and rooms are not good, just be prepare for last minute changes and potential problems with service and internet capacity.


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