Summer Beach

Go to the Summer Beach. At least in the northern hemisphere. Pack sunscreen, buckets and scoops, coolers, various foods and beverages, ice cream, etc. Put it all in the car and start our adventure on the beach. Start in the scorching summer heat to cool off on the beach. There are few things that are more fun than swimming on a hot day. The extra bonus is good for you as long as you have not eaten.

Summer Beach

If physical exertion is not your thing, you too can be lazy and cool off by floating on the waves. For the more active beach visitor, swimming trying to ride the waves is not very effective, but still a lot of fun. Yes, the ocean has its own wave machine powered by the tidal forces. Unlike many swimming pools, it is not filled with ugly chemicals like chlorine. Instead, it is filled with rich mineral treats. Many of them have beneficial effects. Your quick bath can help detoxify your skin, improve circulation and reduce stress. No wonder you feel good when you go swimming.

Summer Beach

Summer Beach

Inexpensive Activity

Mega bonus, the beach is not that expensive, just gas and food. Something good in these economic times. An inexpensive activity that kids love and is healthy for them and for you. The relaxing sounds of the waves, the cheapest therapy, even cheaper than beer. Get ready for the culinary delights of sandwiches, sandis, and who can forget the sand queue. Okay, almost all foods get a gritty additive, especially when it’s windy. To me, this adds to the allure of it all. You know you’re on the beach when everything tastes like sand and the sandwiches are true to their name.

Time of Construction

The time of construction, the construction of the masterpiece for all engineering works, the sand castle. Marvel at the cruel goodness. Towers, moat, towers, check of course the real challenge is to see who can build the biggest hole. Circulating the water around your pit can also be quite enjoyable. Bonus points if you don’t actually have to go and fill your bucket with water to get there.


Snorkeling, explore the mysterious underwater world. Depending on the clarity of the water, this can be like swimming in a blue-gray soup environment. With an absolutely crystal clear view full of beautiful corals and colorful fish moving everywhere. With an infinite variety in between. Both in the other world and for various reasons. Just an interesting experience to be able to breathe underwater.

Rock Pools

Find different pieces of marine life to interact with. It can be entertaining for a while until the crabs get angry and attack. You could find information online and make part of your trip to the Summer Beach an instructional course in marine biology.

Sunset on the Summer Beach

Sunset on the Summer Beach depending on the weather that your beach day has brought you. This is where the Summer Beach is most beautiful. It also varies from beach to beach, it can be the least crowded. When everyone rushes home, big mistake. With the masses gone you are left with a very romantic and calm atmosphere. Waves that ride sexually, the perfect time for a walk along the coast. If we see the fiery red fireball, which is our sun, slowly lowered into the deep blue sea in a flame of pink glory.


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